Seasonal fruit & vegetables at Llwynhelyg Farmshop



Full range of seasonal vegetables, much being fresh from the locality. Specialities include homegrown potatoes, 'dirty' carrots, and swedes - available loose, or 'by the net' (which works out much cheaper!).

In winter we sell local sprouts, 'greens', and lesser known vegetables such as celeriac, chard and spinach, and in summer we grow salad crops and herbs, with local tomatoes, runner beans, peas and everything a Welsh vegetable garden can supply!

Early Pembrokeshire new potatoes are available from beginning of May, followed a few weeks later by our own Ceredigion potatoes.


Strawberries and raspberries are available for most of the summer months, being sourced from Pembrokeshire, and we also have a supplier for gooseberries and blackcurrants. Later in the season, plums and apples are sourced from the Herefordshire borderlands, with around 12 types of eating apples available as a pic 'n mix.

We supply local schools with fruit for healthy eating tuck shops - introducing children to old favourites such as spartan and fiesta apples!

For convenience, we also sell a full range of 'hot climate' produce, such as bananas and citrus fruits, and sweet potatoes and avocado. In fact we're just like an old-fashioned green grocer's - a harvest festival of colour and variety!

Potatoe picking at Llwynhelyg Farm