We stock a wide selection of Welsh cheeses & dairy produce



CAWS is the Welsh word for cheese - pronounced COUSE as in Mouse!!
.....also 'C' in Welsh is always pronounced as a hard C as in cup or cabbage.

We stock over 80 varieties of Welsh Cheese, plus a few favourites from over the border! Welsh farms now produce a full and interesting range of prizewinning cheeses, from traditional Caerphilly 's and cheddar types, through to soft 'bries' and full flavoured blues. You must try some Welsh cheese while you are in the area, and we can send it out by mail order if you like!

Our range is gathered from all over Wales and includes cow's milk cheeses from Caws Cenarth, Llangloffan, Hafod, Caws Llyn, Snowdonia, & Pantmawr, together with goat's milk cheeses from Kid-me-not, Pantwawr and Cothi Valley.

We also stock British favourites such as Stilton and Farmhouse Cheshire (Jenny's home county!) and Cashel Blue from Ireland, together with one or two popular continental cheeses.

To compliment our cheese section, our dairy range includes :

  • Yoghurts - Full range from Rachels Organic Dairy and Llaeth-y-Llan yoghurts from North Wales.
  • Fresh Cream - Sumptious double cream from local farms and also Pembrokeshire Clotted Cream - perfect for just baked scones!
  • Organic milk from Daioni ltd.
  • Welsh Butters - Rachels dairy - salted/unsalted.
  • Welsh Dairy Icecreams - Marys Farmhouse, Aeron Jersey.

....Again a visit to our shop will surprise you as to just how many Welsh products are available!

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